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1/. Pa-Lang Hyundai - KOREA

Our products ranges include electric wire rope (cable) hoist, electric chain hoist, cranes (hoist crane, gantry, crab, jib), geared motor & other crane kits.
All of our products are manufactured under ISO 9001, CE and/or CSA/US certification as applicable.
As all of our products are manufactured by leading technologies & high quality materials, we are sure that we can satisfy the requirements from all of our clients in the whole world.
We will keep our best efforts to meet customer's needs.


2/. Pa-Lang Mitsubishi - JAPAN

- U, HU Type (1/2-60t): Mitsubishi original inverter specially developed for hoist has realized the miniaturization and versatility. Functions, which detect the hook position and change to higher hoisting speed when zero loaded is detected, offer high level of operation efficiency


Do xe tu dong | Palang | Cau truc U

- UR Type (1-2.8t)This hoist produced by utilizing the power electronics technology accumulated by MITSIBISHI ELECTRIC, and has new variable speed type. This type is popular for excellent operation.

Do xe tu dong | Palang | Cau truc ER

- S Type (1/2-60t): For hi frequency use S type series is heavy-duty type hoists for application involving high frequency operations. Its winding speed and the duty class is the highest available. For most safety, a microprocessor control circuit which automatically prevents overloading is installed.

Do xe tu dong | Palang | Cau truc S

- R Type (1-2.8t): For medium frequency use. This hoist is structurally simple and economical with real capability. This hoist provided with one-rank higher capability and both power and worthy of its real capability and economically efficiency.

Do xe tu dong | Palang | Cau truc R

- S-X Type (1/2-6t): Explosion-Proof Type Hoists used in places where explosive gas or steam exist must pass the Explosion-Protection Examination.

Explosive grade D2 and Ignition degree 4 grade are available.

Do xe tu dong | Palang | Cau truc SX

- E Type (150kg-950kg): For low frequency use. This series consists of easy-to-use and light-duty model that are suitable for a variety. A full range of attachments is available for every application. Double wire rope has been used to ensure absolute safety.

Do xe tu dong | Palang | Cau truc E

3/. Pa-Lang Helmut Kempkes - GERMANY

The KULI RS series electric wire rope hoist represent more than seventy years experience in the design and manufacture of lifting equipment, and combine modern design and engineering technology to produce a range of hoists which comply with DIN, FEM and ISO standard, Germany rules for for the prevention of accidents and most national rules and standard. Compact design and modular construction are a unique feature of the KULI RS series electric wire rope hoists.


This modular construction enables various combinations of hoist to be easily constructed, to give a range of foot mounted, fixed suspension, standard and low headroom monorail hoists and double girder crab units. Electric motors, brakes and all gearing are specially designed for hoisting duty and are manufactured in our works and under our control, and are subjected to strict quality tests for safety and reliability.

Do xe tu dong | Palang | Cau truc

The foot mounted KULI electric wire rope hoist in of modular design, which allows it to be universal in its application where loads have to be lifted or moved. The hoist can be turn around its longitudinal axis into any required rope pay-off position.

Do xe tu dong | Palang | Cau truc

The double girder crab unit offers low headroom dimensions combined with service-free design.


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