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Benefits of automatic car parking systems

Automatic car parking car systems that NMC provide with Korea technology is high-tech devices, harmony combinations of general theories between elevator systems and auto loading & unloading systems. We supply smart solutions of auto parking to save land by using the most accordant technology . Our customers in Viet Nam will satisfy not only affordable price but also long- term experience and our optimized technique service ability. Moreover, we can design and supply most kind of modern auto car parking systerms as requirements of customers.

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1- Car lift

With auto parking system which uses car lift, the car will be driven into shaft and lifted to parking floor. After that, the car is driven out of the lift and toward to parking position. The feature of the car parking which uses car lift: - Saving area of the internal way for car moves up and down between floors inside the car park, but it still consume area for vehicles moving in each floor. - Lifting speed is slow due to the car & people on a lift, it takes long time to get the car out . - Currently, this automated parking less popular.

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2- Puzzle Parking system

Puzzle parking system is installed popularly outdoor on the street, it often contain small number of cars (10-30 cars), quite flexible and takes car quickly & easily. It is used for small projects ( 1 car-parking floor ), so that the number of cars increase. Moreover, it is suitable for adjusting to increase to double cars ( by installing 1 puzzle floor ) or triple cars which less influence to available designs, save construction cost because we must not add any floor, but still need the path for the car. Time to get cars is long ( average 2.5 minutes) so that it is not suitable for systems which contain more 30 cars.

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3- Vertical circulation parking system

The feature of the vertical circulation parking system - It is a maneuverable system and saving space (30m2) - The vertical circulaion parking system can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise. - It is very easy to take apart . - Not suitable for medium & large sized vehicles. Due to high price, this system is not used popularly, so it is often installed at temporary land( then dismantled) The vertical circulaion parking system is suitable for small-sized car ( 4-seater cars )

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4- Cycle parking system

This system is installed underground and suitable for narrow place. Lifting speed is 20-40m/p , traversing speed 20-30m/p. the number of cars is 6-38 cars. It is controlled simply with thouch screen. Auto parking system is very accordant with building which has a little parking. Shape area usually rectangular with one short and one long edge. Thao Dien project,which is cycle parking system in HCMC, can contain 14 cars, in an area of 12m x 6.5m ( 78m2 ) và three parking floors with 8m depth .Lifting speed is 14m/p and travelling speed is 20m/p, average time to take car is 1.5 minutes.

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5- Horizontal Circulation System

Horizontal circulation system is very suitable for the building which has small parking. The shape of the land is square with two equal sides.

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6- Sky parking System

This is multi-strorey auto parking system with tower shape. It can be an independent tower or inside building and with area of 7.3m x 6.4 m = 46.7 m2, corresponding with the height is 75m and 35 floors (or lined 3.6 mx 17 m = 61.2 m2), we are able to park 70 cars. The standard speed is 90 m/ph and can be reached up to 140 m/ph, operation is smooth and safe,control simply with touch screen. The traditional sky parking system has 2 symmetric column. However, we can have 3-5-5-6 columns to increase the number cars parked depend on the land and the average time also raise.

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7- Lift slide Parking System

Lift slide Parking System

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8- Plane-shuttle, Super parking, Flat-bi

Plane-shuttle, Super parking, Flat-bi

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